Month: April 2014

Why Johnny Can’t Preach

Good review on the book “Why Johnny Can’t Preach”


Why Johnny Can’t Preach  is a book written by David Gordon stirred with a concern for the decline in preaching today. The goal of the book is directed toward this. As he says, “… my thesis: that many ordained people simply can’t preach.” As such he does offer some good critique and suggestions for today’s ministers and even aspiring preachers and seminarians.

In the first chapter titled “Johnny Can’t Preach”, Gordon begins by saying “Part of me wishes to avoid proving the sordid truth: that preaching today is ordinarily poor.” He recounts the numerous experiences that he and his wife have had where they listened to sermons and wondered what the sermon was about at the end of it. He calls such sermons “religiously useless” because his family would be unable to have an intelligent conversation about the sermon. Because of a lack of good preachers, the churches have settled for…

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Music and Meaning

Thought provoking article on music from answering the questions:

  • Can God employ any musical form for redemptive purposes?
  • Even if God can employ any musical form redemptively, are some musical forms spiritually or morally “better” than others?
  • Are some musical forms “better” for the sake of the gathered church?

In short, if we were to stop our speculations about ideal forms, moral content, and good taste (as if we from our Western, post-Enlightenment duck blind had the only bead on them); if we were to get back to the simple wonder of the sheer fact of music, offered temperately, humbly, imaginatively, servingly, discerningly and in complete surrender to the sovereign Word of God, the conversation would be radically different.

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Foolish: The Hard Verdict Against Young Men

Great post from my friend Mpumelelo on the foolishness of youth…


There is an excellent illustration in the English language that I find very effective in illustrating the power of ignorance, and that illustration is this: a fish does not know that it is wet. The reason I think this illustration is almost flawless is because it presents two perspectives; one, the perspective of the fish in water, and the perspective of the reasoning person who is outside of water. Think with me for a second; if a fish could talk, and you were to inquire of it, it would probably tell you that it knows it’s in water, it knows that it gets its food and living from here, and it probably knows that if it were to exit water it would die, but it wouldn’t use the word wet as you would use it; it would use the word wet to explain the sphere of its existence, the very…

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