Month: July 2014

Are You Preaching Christ?

Great article by Tony Carter from about the need to preach Christ.  He describes three types of sermons that are quite common but lack Christ-centered content.

  1. Prosperity Gospel
  2. Self-Esteem Gospel
  3. Motivational Gospel

Here are a few excepts…

 Motivational preaching is more prevalent than many people realize. Two of the most prominent and popular preachers in America are purveyors of this message. It encourages people to reach for their potential. It takes principles of the Bible, builds a brand around a personality and gets people to buy into the latest catch phrase and fad. The preacher is positioned as a high achiever, and tries to convince you that you can be one too…..


The Bible warns us that as the days go on people will want less and less of Christ-centered preaching and more and more flesh-enticing and itch-scratching preaching (2 Tim. 4:3). Nevertheless, the call to faithfulness in preaching remains. We are to preach Christ.

Preaching Christ is to preach salvation in him and him alone. It is to call men and women to repent of sin; sin the world doesn’t want to call sin such as homosexuality, fornication, abortion, greed, anger, racism, injustice, selfishness, pride, et al. It is to remind men and women that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Rm. 3:23).

Preaching Christ says that though you are a great sinner, Christ is a greater Savior. It declares that Christ is sufficient to forgive you of all your sin, and to fill you with his satisfaction even as you live in an unsatisfying world.

Preaching Christ understands the Bible is not about your or me, but about Christ (Lk. 24:27Col. 1:28) and his life for our life and his death for our death.  It calls men and women to die so that they may live in Him (Gal. 2:20). In other words, preaching Christ builds esteem in Christ and not in self (Jn. 3:30).

Preaching Christ is universal. It translates and transforms with power in the slums of Calcutta just as it does on the streets of Manhattan. It causes men and women not to long for more of this world but to long for more of Jesus.


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