To The South African Black Man: You Are Evil. Admit it.

View from a South African black man on the current xenophobic attacks going in Durban


The recent xenophobic attacks in South African townships and towns have got South Africans talking – and coming to varying conclusions. There are all sorts of discussion about how we could alleviate the problem and discussions about why exactly this is happening. For me, this matter makes my blood boil. I have dear, dear friends whom I’ve lived with, men like Patrick from the Congo and Lionel – whom I love dearly and the thought that were they in the country right now they and their families would fear being burned by my own people brings a blinding mixture of shame and anger. I think it’s high time me and my people start looking hard at ourselves.

If you survey the net at the moment, some would have us blame the government for what’s going on – all the lack of jobs and businesses and structures are the cause of…

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